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Empower Your Sales Team With Qualified B2B Leads

Closing The Sale Is Easier With Better Leads.

Customer acquisition is one of the most important functions within any business. Making sure your sales team has the right tools and leads is critical to business growth.

Agents mine the right information to fill your CRM with highly targeted B2B leads. They’ll funnel prospective leads to your sales team, helping you connect with more of your ideal buyers.

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What We Do

Agents mine contact info to build qualified leads into your CRM—so your sales team can close more deals.

  • Customer Profiles
  • Lead Enrichment
  • Empower Your Sales Team


First, Agents will work with your team to:

Gather information about your company, offerings, target market, and competitors

Perform comparative analysis to find similar markets to test in your outbound sales strategy

Craft a perfect customer profile, researching to find additional data points for more meaningful conversations



With a tailored customer profile in place, Agents will:

Find the perfect customers for you by leveraging the latest tools, plugins and sources.

Fill up your CRM with leads for your sales team to call or email.

Work closely with your team to develop tactics for you to focus on making connections.



With Agents handling deal-flow, your internal sales team can focus on:

Closing more deals to hit quotas and revenue goals

Reducing your bounce rate with a higher-quality pipeline

Giving Agents feedback so they can further optimize your lead mining strategy


Deal-Flow Under Control

Agents put highly-qualified leads into your CRM so your sales team can

Connect On Calls

By improving the quality and intelligence of your leads, cold calling won’t feel so cold.

Land More Meetings

High-quality lead enrichment means your team can earn more meetings with your ideal buyers.

Optimize Your Outbound Strategy

Sync up weekly to pinpoint opportunities to refine your lead mining strategy and sales funnel.



Supporting the biggest brands around the globe..

John D. Henry

“ConneXio BPO took the headache out of scaling our business. They really took us to the next level.”

Michael Stanley

“ConneXio’s team is unparalleled in the space. They care about our success and has helped our business tremendously.”

Melissa Lorenzo

“ConneXio BPO has been an integral part of our successful scaling strategy, and overall evolution of the world-class experience that we provide to our customers”

Mia Cooper

“ConneXio BPO has been extremely professional and thorough – their processes are fantastic and their internal support staff is beyond expectations.”

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Contact Us Now And Let Us
Help You Create Your Dream Team.

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